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During the 2010 election, Nick Griffin of the british national party (AKA the racists pretending to be a political party) went on question time. He presented himself as a normal, reasonable kind of guy and I was worried people might believe it.

That evening I made a website called Slap Nick Griffin. It allowed you to slap nick griffin in a safe, virtual manner, while at the same time listening to him give a speech to some members of the KKK in the USA about how he was planning to just pretend to be a nice reasonable person and then do all the bad stuff later once elected.

He was slapped about 25 million times over the next week and the site got in all the national papers here in the UK. I took the site down after that because some bright spark tweeted that I’d made it and the agency I worked at started getting threatening phone calls. It was fun while it lasted.

During the run up to the election, we thought it would be fun (and less frightening) to make a site where you can slap all the main political candidates during the live debates, to give a live poll of your opinion, and thus, The Slapometer was born.

Being up a bit longer sans right-wing nutters, the slapometer registered about 100 million slaps, and surprisingly even predicted the Tory-Libdem alliance.