This is a bit of work tht came from me just playing around with the idea of sharing. I wanted to see if I could make something that reacted to shares LIVE to encourage people to tweet about it. The idea I came up with a tested out was a video stream where when you tweet, it grabs your profile picture and uses it as a pixel in the stream.

The software works out the average colour of your profile picture, and all the other people tweeting. Then creates a palette to use and then finally scans the video being broadcast line-by-line and recreates it out of all the people tweeting. Version one ran at about 0.5 frames a second, in black and white. But a few weeks optimising meant it could run pretty much full speed. A good lesson in persistence.

We approached our client Jose Cuervo with the idea and then pulled off a tie in with OK GO to use it as a music video. I unfortunately left the agency just before the epic trip to Brazil. Worst. Timing. Ever.